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How iOS9 will change the Ad market. For good.

We feel cheated and rightly so. As users, we understand that we’re not really entitled to free browsing; we pay our bills with our selves: When The Product Is Free, We Are the Product. The problem is that we feel… Continue Reading →

Iraanse blogger: voor dit internet ging ik niet zes jaar de gevangenis in

De Iraanse blogger Hossein Derakhshan zat zes jaar in de Iraanse gevangenis, vanwege dat rijke, afwisselende internet, waarvan hij veel hield. Maar dat internet bestaat niet meer, ontdekte hij na zijn vrijlating. “Het huidige web is slechts entertainment.” Source: Iraanse… Continue Reading →

How links are dissapearing and take the web with it

Some networks, like Twitter, treat hyperlinks a little better. Others, insecure social services, are far more paranoid. Instagram — owned by Facebook — doesn’t allow its audiences to leave whatsoever. You can put up a web address alongside your photos, but it won’t go… Continue Reading →

Own Mailbox

Own-Mailbox is a home-plugged personal email server, with strong privacy protection measures integrated at its core. It provides self-hosted email addresses, or connects with your existing email address. In both cases you can seamlessly send and receive encrypted emails from anywhere in the world, through Own-Mailbox webmail, Smartphone app, or through an external email software (Thunderbird, Outlook, ...). Own-mailbox, is very easy to set-up and use: as easy as a gmail account. Own-mailbox automatically encrypts your emails with Gnu Privacy Guard, a strong encryption software, the same software as used by Edward Snowden (as in the movie citizenfour). Own-mailbox allows you to send and receive 100% confidential messages even with people who don't use email encryption yet. For this purpose we introduce PLM, a new technique consisting in sending to your correspondent, a filtered and temporary HTTPS link, pointing to your private message hosted on your Own-Mailbox.

This seems like a very nice little project. Curious to learn how they build it and the exact specs of hardware used. And more importantly… will it blend? More here at the own-mailbox website

Praten over Facebook

Kunnen we stoppen met Facebook?

Bij radio 1 op 22 juni 2015


—–BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE—– Hash: SHA256 Status: All good Period: January 1 to June 30, 2015 During this period, has received: Zero National Security Letters Zero Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court orders Zero gag orders that prevent us from from… Continue Reading →


Found with the help from:


Wired is an open, modern and free version of the BBS-style client/server system, providing chat, boards, messaging and file transfers. Read-Write currently maintains the protocol standard, as well as server and client implementations. Source: Wired Wiki » Wired

Markdoc Documentation » Index

MarkdocMarkdoc is a lightweight Markdown-based wiki system. It’s been designed to allow you to create and manage wikis as quickly and easily as possible. Source: Markdoc Documentation » Index

The Pleasure of Do-It-Yourself Slow Computing | The New Republic

This blogpost sums up big chunks of the reasons why I set up as a blog in the first place. Now my calendars, contacts, and backup files all sync with a free-and-open program called ownCloud, which McClelland maintains on… Continue Reading →

Lychee — Self-hosted photo-management done right

Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are… Continue Reading →

In deze vijf stappen word je baas in eigen database

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op Muppeth en Antilope (die privacynicknames gebruiken ze ook tegen elkaar) zitten met hun nog geen jaar oude dochter op me te wachten. We gaan naar binnen bij de LagLab Hacklab, aan de rand van… Continue Reading →

I made a sticker today for Free Press Unlimited and Greenhost to be used during GCCS2015 and hopefully long after. Click the picture to download a PDF so you can print your own!

Why the command line is not usable

Command lines demand that users remember the correct phrase to make the system run, rather than giving them prompts which might help them guess what the system needs them to do next. The overwhelming majority of people alive today have never had the opportunity to learn those commands. Making them look them up and learn them themselves would make them very, very frustrated — they don’t have time for that. GUIs aren’t just “shiny“: they are tools which help us remember what is possible.
By @gusandrews - via Nobody Reads Your Blog. is a socially motivated website that provides information for protecting your data security and privacy. via privacy tools – encryption against surveillance.

SimpleSecure, GPG contactform

SimpleSecure is a plugin that allows you to insert a secure contact form on any page or post. The email message submitted by your visitor is securely encrypted using GPG/PGP, however no binaries are required nor are any shell calls… Continue Reading →

Redecentralize · taking back the net


Quietly, some geeks are decentralizing the net. Again. Who are they? Why are they doing it? What new technologies are they using? How will this change the world? We interview them to find out.

Maakt Mailpile veilig mailen eindelijk mogelijk?

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij  De schoorsteen moet roken. Ook bij noeste programmeurs die het internet beter willen beveiligen en het opnemen tegen geheime diensten, criminelen en bedrijven met een onstilbare honger voor privédata. En juist bij idealistische programmeurs… Continue Reading →

Rhinobird, a new open source live video stream platform

So, while everyone is talking about #meerkat and #periscope, I am gonna look at Rhinobird. Watch the video here:

OnlyOffice: File editing and sharing online

OnlyOffice: Another Free Office Suite for Linux

Nowadays company employees are often dispersed across the globe and collaboration tools turn out to be of current importance in achieving shared goals. OnlyOffice is a platform for small and medium business that enables teams to manage projects, customer relations… Continue Reading →

Hoe versleuteld mailen makkelijk werd (maar nog steeds niet veilig genoeg)

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op Vorige week besprak correspondent Dimitri Tokmetzis de mogelijkheden, uitdagingen en het gebrek aan gebruiksvriendelijkheid van versleutelde e-mail met Pretty Good Privacy (PGP). Naar schatting wordt PGP momenteel door ongeveer 50.000 mensen gebruikt; een tamelijk… Continue Reading →

Paperwork by twostairs

Paperwork aims to be an open-source, self-hosted alternative to services like Evernote (R), Microsoft OneNote (R) or Google Keep (R). Paperwork is written in PHP, utilising the beautiful Laravel 4 framework. It provides a modern web UI, built on top… Continue Reading →

Movies about Privacy and Surveillance

This list needs cleaning up, but just as a head start…. here you go! Das leben der Anderen  V for Vendetta Enemy of the State Gattaca Minority report

Deze app laat je bellen zonder luistervinken op de lijn

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op Bellen terwijl niemand op de lijn kan meeluisteren: het was nog niet zo lang geleden uitsluitend weggelegd voor de groten der aarde. In 2001 deed de Nederlandse ondernemer en internetpionier Rop Gonggrijp Robbert Valentijn… Continue Reading →

Dit is de beste en gebruiksvriendelijkste oplossing om online anoniem te blijven

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij De browser Tor heeft één doel: anonimiteit online. en niemand weet dat jij probeert je My Little Ponyverzameling compleet te maken of een andere hobby beoefent die je liever voor jezelf houdt. Tor wordt… Continue Reading →


LibreBoard is an open-source kanban board that let you organize things in cards, and cards in lists. You can use it alone, or with your team and family thanks to our real-time synchronisation feature. Libreboard is a land of liberty and you can implement all sort of workflows on it using tags, comments, member assignation, and many more.

“Fuck Off Google”

“There will be people who resist adopting and using technology, people who want nothing to do with virtual profiles, online data systems or smart phones. Yet a government might suspect that people who opt out completely have something to hide and thus are more likely to break laws, and as a counterterrorism measure, that government will build the kind of ‘hidden people’ registry we described earlier. If you don’t have any registered social-networking profiles or mobile subscriptions, and on-line references to you are unusually hard to find, you might be considered a candidate for such a registry. You might also be subjected to a strict set of new regulations that includes rigorous airport screening or even travel restrictions.”
The Invisible Committee Returns with "Fuck Off Google"

Vergeet Skype of WhatsApp, met Off-the-Record kun je echt veilig en anoniem chatten

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij Off-the-Record (OTR) is een versleutelingsprotocol. Het beschermt tegen afluisteren op een manier die met commerciële apps als Skype, WhatsApp en MSN niet mogelijk is. Het is de combinatie van drie functies die andere chat-apps… Continue Reading →

Wie het internet wil redden, kan niet om deze voorwaarden heen

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij In de serie ‘Hoe redden we het web?’ zullen Maurits Martijn, Dimitri Tokmetzis en ik schrijven over de projecten, ideeën en apps die het internet kunnen redden. Want het internet zoals we dat nu… Continue Reading →

Telescope: An open-source social news app built with Meteor


Through this post of Ernst-Jan Pfauth I learned about the Indieweb and webmention. Creating this post with this link should be enough to show how this works. But to be a bit more clear I’ll paste a quote from their… Continue Reading →

Spyware 2.0

Let me state it plainly: Google is a spyware company. Facebook is a spyware company. Any company whose products spy on you is a spyware company.
Aral Balkan

From here: Spyware 2.0 is not cloak and dagger. It’s not hiding in the shadows; it’s hiding out in plain sight like some saccharine Ronald McDonald statue. Spyware 2.0 is all cute doodles and loveable dinosaurs. It’s all the… Continue Reading →



Photo-Sharing with OwnStaGram: a free photo-sharing software which allows to upload photos from within this site and an available android-app. Every picture can be shared via an unique url.



You want to share the links you discover? Shaarli is a minimalist delicious clone you can install on your own website. It is designed to be personal (single-user), fast and handy.

6 easy rules to identify 99% of snakeoil

There are 6 easy rules to identify 99% of snakeoil:

via Security and the Rise of Snakeoil not free software runs in a browser runs on a smartphone, the user doesn’t generate, or exclusively own the private encryption keys, there is no threat model, uses terminology like “cyber”, “military-grade”, or… Continue Reading →

as days pass by — Reverse SSH tunnels

I have his machine ssh into one of mine, and then port forward a port on my machine back along the SSH tunnel to port 22 on his machine, meaning that I can ssh into it and don’t have to care about IPs or anything. This was a dead clever idea. It relies on me having a machine which is sshable from the outside world, but I do, so that’s OK
as days pass by

Reverse SSH tunnels.

Tor executive director hints at Firefox integration

The Tor anonymity network may soon expand to hundreds of millions of new users around the world as the software’s developers prepare to scale to a “global population.” Several major tech firms are in talks with Tor to include the… Continue Reading →

Known – IndieWebCamp


Known is an open publishing / community platform project. It aims to be a simple, beautiful way to share your story using a variety of media from any device. It adheres to the IndieWeb technologies and principles.

In dit dorpje proberen dappere hackers het internet te redden

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op Heel het internet is kapot. Heel het internet? Nee, een kleine groep hackers blijft moedig weerstand bieden tegen de overweldigers van het kapitalistische-militair complex van Google en de National Security Agency (NSA). In het… Continue Reading →

ESSAY: Dark nets en mesh networks – Donkere netwerken voor duistere tijden

Er is internet buiten het internet. Het is een diffuse wereld, verborgen voor de meesten van ons. Het wordt ontwikkeld voor diverse doelen, op basis van uiteenlopende technologieën en voor verschillende gebruikers. Toch streven die allemaal naar hetzelfde internationale ideaal:… Continue Reading →

Should my website have ssl?

Your words are valuable, and so are those of your visitors. If they read your stuff, or they leave a message on your website, it is traffic between you and them. No one in between should be able to read along.

YES! Damnit…



When you use a web app today, you usually connect to its developers’ servers. This is backwards, and leaves them in control. Sandstorm makes it easy to run web apps on your own server. Bring their apps to your data,… Continue Reading →

Between Blinks & Buttons

Cameras become networked buttons that create a link between two people through the simple fact that they did the same thing simultaneously: pressing a button.
Sarah Pohflepp

Photography has become a networked process. It no longer ends with pasting prints into an album. Instead, making them public through services like Flickr is rapidly becoming one of the main ways how we treat our visual memories. The photographic… Continue Reading →

Signal – Private Messenger for iOS

Like privacy? Secure your calls for free with Signal. It's that simple.

Signal provides end-to-end encryption for your calls, securing your conversations so that nobody can listen in.- Signal uses your normal phone number to make and receive calls, so you don’t need yet another identifier.- Signal calls are encrypted end-to-end, but… Continue Reading →

jlund/streisand · GitHub

An interesting new project to try on a Raspberry Pi: Streisand sets up a new server running L2TP/IPsec, OpenSSH, OpenVPN, Shadowsocks, Stunnel, and a Tor bridge. It also generates custom configuration instructions for all of these services. At the end… Continue Reading →

Diversity Talk at HopeX

On Sunday 20 July 2014 I gave a talk at the HopeX conference in New York. This is the integral text: To see it back, go here: So what can we conclude after more then a year of Snowden revelations?… Continue Reading →

10 ultimate tips to no longer be ashamed to open the terminal in public

From Relearn 2014   Introduce yourself —————— echo I am `whoami`. It is `date` and we are on $HOST, in the directory `pwd` | espeak or echo I am `whoami`. It is `date` and we are on $HOST, in the… Continue Reading →

Seda Gürses lashes out to Activist tech

The current distance between those who organise their activism to develop “technical infrastructures” and those who bring their struggles to these infrastructures is remarkable. The paradoxical consequences can be baffling: radical activists organize and sustain themselves using “free” technical services… Continue Reading →

Apple protecting its customers

Word has it today that anyone going to the Tor website is tracked by the NSA after that. So if you clicked that link, you’re now a high value target for the NSA. Just by coincidence I past the Apple… Continue Reading →

Okkipi Forum

Today I continued a project started earlier; a forum for the Okkipi group. This is a group people seeking to learn more about Linux and the Raspberry Pi and having fun while at it. We meet irregularly and exchange our… Continue Reading →

I am on Keybase

Keybase will be a public directory of publicly auditable public keys. All paired, for convenience, with unique usernames. Follow me here

Why King George III Can Encrypt

King George III set aside his quill, having completed secret orders to put down the rebellion. It was imperative that they remain secure, visible only to Generals Gage and Howe. The King opened a cabinet in the wall behind him,… Continue Reading →

Marktplaats artikel bij De Correspondent

Vrijdag 30 mei werd m’n artikel over Marktplaats op de Correspondent geplaatst. Dat het goed ontvangen zou worden vermoede ik wel, maar dat zoveel media er melding van zouden maken… Hier de inleiding en link naar het artikel, en daaronder… Continue Reading →

Everything Is Broken

Security and privacy experts harangue the public about metadata and networked sharing, but keeping track of these things is about as natural as doing blood panels on yourself every morning, and about as easy. The risks on a societal level… Continue Reading →

Indie box

Indie Box: Let’s Bring Our Data Home The first ready-to-use personal server for storing personal data and running indie web applications at home. Human friendly! Seems the more user friendly version of a raspberry pi with ArkOS (and the price… Continue Reading →

New service promising security, keys verification etc. etc. Find me at Keybase will be a public directory of publicly auditable public keys. All paired, for convenience, with unique usernames. …and a pretty sweet reference client. Via

Dnsmasq, an addition to

Dnsmasq is a lightweight, easy to configure DNS forwarder and DHCP server. It is designed to provide DNS and, optionally, DHCP, to a small network. It can serve the names of local machines which are not in the global DNS…. Continue Reading →

Two nodes created!

I made two nodes today. It was very easy thnx to the great documentation. Each router is a LAN island in an archipelago of affiliated websites. Anyone within range of an wifi router, with a web-capable pokedex… Continue Reading →

NinjaCat v1.0

Welcome to NinjaCat application! NinjaCat is a simple realtime, channel based chat service with an optional encryption support. NinjaCat is anonymous and does not keep a serverside copy of your conversation. You should also note that if you want a… Continue Reading →

Discourse forum software

What is discussion software? To us, discussion software is a group of people interested in a common topic who are willing to type paragraphs to each other on a web page. Yes, there is Twitter for very short form, there… Continue Reading →

Where do I sign up for the next Practocalypse?

On a bright Saturday morning earlier this month, about thirty people gathered inside a large, dimly lit warehouse in Chelsea, hunched over smartphones, hand-drawn maps, and computer-networking equipment. Members of the group were briefed on the situation that would confront… Continue Reading →

Zo word je minder makkelijk vindbaar in de digitale wereld

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij de De gereedschapskist van een datamijnwerker is groot. Naast het versturen van brieven, bankhangen in wachtkamers van overheidsinstanties en via onregelmatige schotschriften op De Correspondent oproepen tot totaal dataonderzoek, kan ik ook gewoon mijn… Continue Reading →

Downloading Software Safely Is Nearly Impossible

Downloading Software Safely Is Nearly ImpossiblePosted on March 3, 2014 by snackypantsLet’s say you have a brand-new Windows laptop and you’re just oh, so happy. You’re pretty sure the NSA did not interdict it during shipment, and thus that it comes… Continue Reading →

Article on P2P alternatives

The revelations over the scale and depth of the NSA’s surveillance program has revealed how the Internet has become more centralized than many of us are comfortable with. Webmail services like Yahoo and Google and social networks like Facebook and… Continue Reading →

Tweet zet gemeente in beweging

Dit blog verscheen eerder bij de Correspondent. @AmsterdamNL: ‘Nog 1 vraag, want DBI heeft geen Twitter-account: mag ik uw naam en e-mailadres of telefoonnummer? Dan kunnen ze contact opnemen.’ Die tweet ontving ik vorige week van de gemeente. Het markeerde het voorlopige einde… Continue Reading →

Aan wie spelen gemeenten onze persoonsgegevens allemaal door?

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op @AmsterdamNL: ‘Nog 1 vraag, want de DBI heeft geen Twitter-account: mag ik uw naam en e-mailadres of telefoonnummer? Dan kunnen ze contact opnemen.’ Die tweet ontving ik vorige week van de gemeente. Het markeerde het… Continue Reading →

I set up my Raspberry Pi and it is working. But there is loads more to come. Many plans like VPN, Owncloud and such. The working title for this small self-hosted workspace is Okkipi: from ‘giving okkinootjes‘ (rubbing someone with… Continue Reading →

Meer dan 5000 databases met persoonsgegevens bij overheid

De overheid heeft meer dan 5000 databases in beheer met daarin persoonsgegevens van Nederlandse burgers. De meeste Nederlanders zitten er in enkele tientallen hooguit. Maar wie een crimineel verleden heeft, gehandicapt is, langdurig ziek, problemen heeft in het onderwijs, uitkeringstrekker… Continue Reading →

Hoe bedrijven bepalen of ze zaken met je doen

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op In de zomer van 2013 wilde ik lid worden van Snappcar, een netwerk waar autobezitters hun auto verhuren aan autolozen. Snappcar past in het rijtje van bedrijven die de share-economy hebben omarmd en vormgeven…. Continue Reading →

Digitale intuïtie

In de zomer van 2013 wilde ik lid worden van Snappcar, De site van Snappcar. een netwerk waar autobezitters hun auto verhuren aan autolozen. Snappcar past in het rijtje van bedrijven die de share-economy hebben omarmd en vormgeven. Via AirBnB… Continue Reading →

So What Do We Do Now? by Gurstein

Evgeny Morozov in an otherwise interesting piece in the Financial Times is surely incorrect in his bald statement that “Snowden now faces a growing wave of surveillance fatigue among the public”.  The emotion isn’t “surveillance fatigue” but rather shell shock… Continue Reading →

Snowden causes decline of Anonymous?

As argued by Florian Cramer on the Nettime mailing list, Anonymous feels it isn’t so anonymous anymore and is declining. This points at the very relevant subject of the ‘chilling effect’. If true it means that the answer many people… Continue Reading →

CalDAV + CardDAV lightweight server: Baïkal

Baïkal offers ubiquitous and synchronized access to your calendars and address books over CalDAV and CardDAV. Baïkal implements the current IETF recommendation drafts of these industry standards for centralized calendar and address book collections. via CalDAV + CardDAV lightweight server:… Continue Reading →

a self hostable read-it-later app | poche

What is poche? poche is a self hostable read-it-later app. Unlike to other services, poche is free and open source.   How it works Thanks to the bookmarklet or third applications, you add a link in your poche to read… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi + services

Those who met me the last 3 months know I have a Raspberry Pi. It is one of my pet subjects and I seize many opportunities to talk about it. The wonderful little computer really gives me a lot of… Continue Reading →

In de Groene

In de kersteditie van de Groene Amsterdammer stond een artikel over digitale veiligheid. Met onder andere yours truly Download hier! (PDF)

De NSA heeft wat ik wil

De NSA verzamelt elke dag 5 miljard locatiegegevens van mobiele telefoons. The Washington Post onthulde afgelopen week nieuwe documenten van klokkenluider Edward Snowden. Daarin werd een nieuw onderdeel van het surveillance-apparaat van de National Security Agency (NSA) beschreven. Het programma, CO-TRAVELER genaamd, legt… Continue Reading →

Free Owncloud, Obscuracam and K9mail manuals

FLOSS Manuals has been working with Internews Europe as part of their Human Rights programme to create some user focused manuals to help communication. Recent security news has shown us that Free Software solutions are the best solutions for many situations. We… Continue Reading →

Wat de NSA doet, doet Europa al jaren in het openbaar

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij In mijn vorige artikel beschreef ikwelke gegevens van mij liggen opgeslagen bij mijn gemeente en welke partijen daar toegang Het artikel Mormoon worden na je dood: de gemeente regelt het voor je tot hebben…. Continue Reading →

Mormonen hebben óók toegang tot het testamentenregister

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op Vandaag een update op mijn verhaal van vorige week. Met dank aan de brede kennis van Correspondent-lezers en de bereidheid om die te delen. Vorige week zette ik een eerste stap in de datamijn… Continue Reading →


dnscrypt-proxy provides local service which can be used directly as your local resolver or as a DNS forwarder, encrypting and authenticating requests using the DNSCrypt protocol and passing them to an upstream server. The DNSCrypt protocol uses high-speed high-security elliptic-curve… Continue Reading →


Aether is a distributed network that creates forum–like, anonymous and encrypted public spaces for its constituents. No registration necessary. Get it here. via Aether.

Your own private dropbox with free software | The Guardian Project

For our shared files, we use SparkleShare. It provides an experience very similar to Dropbox: you have a SparkleShare folder that is synced up with the service, and in turn any other users who are also linked up to it…. Continue Reading →

Mormoon worden na je dood: de gemeente regelt het voor je

Dit artikel verscheen eerder op de De overheid weet veel van ons. Van geboorteaangifte tot doodverklaring, van huwelijksakte tot salarisstrook en van A- tot doctoraaldiploma; de overheid houdt het bij. In een urbane, ontwikkelde samenleving waar we met 17 miljoen… Continue Reading →

NSA luistert Nederland al af sinds 1946

NRC beschikt over geheime documenten van de NSA, afkomstig van Edward Snowden Voor het eerst is meer duidelijk over de schaal van spionage in Nederland De NSA-dossiers Nieuwe onthullingen NSA De eerste onthullingen over Nederland Floor Boon, Steven Derix en… Continue Reading →


  This summer somebody broke the Internet. We think there are several amazing projects working to fix it. We painted a map of these projects and placed them according to the architectural space they are filling: #youbroketheinternet.

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read

Terms of Service; Didn’t Read – TOS;DR” is a web service and a browser add-on that help you to understand what is in the Terms Of Service agreements of many online services. It rates different aspects such as whether your… Continue Reading → / a tiny self-contained darknet

Each router is a LAN island in an archipelago of affiliated websites. Anyone within range of an wifi router, with a web-capable smartphone or laptop, can join the network “OCCUPY.HERE,” load the locally-hosted website, and use the… Continue Reading →

Live Blog on the App Store on iTunes

An easy-to-use app that allows reporters to report in real time from their iPhones to the Superdesk Live Blog platform. Log in to your Superdesk Live Blog, pick the running Live Blog and start reporting! Back in the newsroom, editors… Continue Reading →

Full Screen Mario

Click image to play Diogenesthecynic/FullScreenMario · GitHub.


arkOS is a lightweight Linux-based operating system that runs on a Raspberry Pi. But arkOS more than just an operating system — it is a full software stack managing your self-hosting experience in an intuitive and intelligent way. arkOS does… Continue Reading →

We zijn elkaars ergste spion dankzij iPhone en Facebook

Het Amerikaanse Bureau voor Nationale Veiligheid (NSA) trekt zich niets aan van de privacy van burgers en politici. Maar wat is gevaarlijker: een al dan niet bebaarde terrorist met een bom in de koffer of een legioen onzichtbare ambtenaren dat… Continue Reading →

Het mysterieuze stukje data dat mijn autohuur dwarsboomde

Dit artikel verscheen eerder bij In augustus raakte ik in problemen door een stukje data. Het was absoluut een ‘first world’–probleem,  maar toch, een dag voor je vakantie erachter komen dat je geen auto kunt huren is hinderlijk. Het… Continue Reading →

Privacy is een functie van veiligheid

– Dit blog verscheen eerder bij Data denkers, een site van het Rathenau Instituut. – Deze week bleek dat zelfs de mobiele telefoon van Angela Merkel wellicht doel was van de aftappraktijken van de NSA. Douwe Schmidt vraagt zich af… Continue Reading →

Quantifying yourself without giving it all away

One new project just cropped up in my mind: I’d like to quantify myself more. You know, keep track of my sleeping and moving patters so I can learn and improve them. But all the stuff I find online, by… Continue Reading →

Privacy Policy

Just installed Piwik and wanted to let you know that.

Why Glenn Greenwald’s new media venture is a big deal

There’s too much information out there for most people to pay attention to, let alone figure out whether they believe it or not. Hence, most people rely on other institutions such as media organizations to tell them which information is… Continue Reading →

Slow-motion dataworsteling

T-Mobile houdt voet bij stuk. Vaste lezers van mijn datadagboek weten dat ik sinds begin dit jaar in een soort van extreme slow-motion dataworsteling verzeild geraakt. Vandaag m’n nieuwste belevenissen in dit meerdelige avontuur.

Emancipation of the Internet

Technology is the language of modern communication, we all have to learn it, guard it, and rediscover its beauty as we’d do when reading an old book. The Internet is the embodiment of our freedom. Programmers can straighten up its… Continue Reading →

A case for the ban-opticon by F. Stalder

From the Nettime mailinglist came this post which I want to remember and therefore post on my blog. It was written in reaction to a link posted by P. Riemens: Thanks to the author Felix Stalder The concept of the… Continue Reading →

xkcd: Enlightenment

via xkcd: Enlightenment.

NSA/Snowden Timeline

This is a little timeline I made based on the information from Al Jazeera. June 5, 2013 Guardian announces leak of classified NSA documents June 6, 2013 PRISM exposed to American public June 7, 2013 American cyber-attack list uncovered

The Middle East? It’s complicated…

Get started with Etherpad (Manual)

Flossmanuals released (already sometime ago) a manual to get started with Etherpad. It is handy for both people who want to run their own installation, or the users of an etherpad installation. Etherpad is a real time collaborative editor. Etherpad… Continue Reading →

How to Keep the NSA Out of Your Computer

The last-mile problem, it turns out, isn’t just technical or economic: It’s political and even cultural. To repurpose the famous A.J. Liebling statement, internet freedom is guaranteed only to those who own a connection. "And right now, you and me… Continue Reading →

Links to remember on PRISM and Snowden

Hi, What we’re seeing in Der Spiegel, The Guardian, Washington Post and other select publications is the birth of new threat models – not just for activists but for all of civil society, parliamentarians, companies and more. This is a… Continue Reading →

Bye bye Google

Mijn data-God bestaat, heet NSA en woont in Amerika – Datadagboek #9 « Bits of Freedom

Er is een bom van verontwaardiging ontploft op internet over de afluisterpraktijken van de NSA. Niet alleen klanten van telecomprovider Verizon blijken consequent bespioneerd te worden, maar eigenlijk iedereen die Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Yahoo en Skype gebruikt. En dat… Continue Reading →

Prism Documents

_ Greetings Netizens, and Citizens of the world. Anonymous has obtained some documents that “they” do not want you to see, and much to “their” chagrin, we have found them, and are giving them to you. These documents prove that… Continue Reading →

The alternatives to Apple, Facebook & C already exist. Shall we package them? | Stop

A recent article by Bruce Sterling explains why, thanks to Apple, Google, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft talking about the Internet stopped making sense in 2012. The article caused the following comment an Italian mailing list: unfortunately, this isn’t news at… Continue Reading →

Libre Projects

Find all kinds of Open Source alternatives and cool project on this website! Libre Projects.

Moxie gets mail (from Saudi-Arabia)

we are working in defining a way to deal with all such requirements from regulator and it is not only for Whatsapp, it is for whatsapp, line, viber, twitter etc.. So, what we need your support in is the following:… Continue Reading →

We live in an Information Age: What does that actually mean?

For the vast majority of people, digital changes happen outside of their conscious perception. They are merely confronted with constantly changing demands and requirements for their social life: They need ‘DigiD’s’ for their communication with government institutions; they feel the… Continue Reading →

The mud puddle test

The mud puddle test You don’t have to dig through Apple’s ToS to determine how they store their encryption keys. There’s a much simpler approach that I call the ‘mud puddle test': First, drop your devices in a mud puddle. … Continue Reading →

Bitcoin – The Libertarian Introduction

Bitcoin shackles a government and forces it to subsist only on what it can tax openly and legitimately borrow, but unlike a gold standard, Bitcoin doesn’t require any official status to become a standard. The market can arrive at the… Continue Reading →

Wat te doen als je geen post ontvangt? – Datadagboek #6

Amsterdam, 5 april 2013 Er tuimelt een musje door de Siberische storm in mijn verder stille straat. De lente en de postbode laten zich niet zien. De afgelopen weken hebben zich aaneengeregen zonder bijzonderheid. Binnen op tafel ligt een multomap… Continue Reading →

Pseudonymous data should not be exempted from data protection

Whether a data record refers to me by name, or by email address, or by a strong pseudonym that cryptographically prevents the pseudonym to be linked to me does not really matter. The data refers to me, and the data… Continue Reading →

Project Byzantium

For the moment, we’ve won the battle against normal workaday life and fixed the final bug preventing us from publishing the latest release of Byzantium Linux, which we codenamed Beach Cat after our time in New York City late last… Continue Reading →

What’s wrong with the kids these days? | PUSCII blog

A lot has changed since the days when the people around Hacktic set up and defined the Dutch hacker scene. The Hang Out made way for a variety of hackerspaces; Hacktic itself is long dead (who needs dead trees to… Continue Reading →

Phones as swords, lovers, robots and spies

Highlighting the diversity of perception and perspective when it comes to mobile media, Freitas first spoke of the phone as a sword, with users now gaining great potential to change, damage and restrict existing structures every time they take hold… Continue Reading →


unCloud is an application that enables anyone with a laptop to create an open wireless network and distribute their own information. Once it is launched, a passerby using a mobile internet device can connect to this open wireless network. The… Continue Reading →

Conversation with Eleanor Saitta

On this week’s show James Butler is joined by Eleanor Saita (@Dymaxion) as they discuss networks, technology, undead institutions, the state-form and the ‘coming crisis’.   Listen on Soundcloud

RSS – Selfhosted

So. In case you missed it. Google Reader is Dead. Time to fullfill an old lived dream: having my self-hosted RSS reader. At first glance there seems to be only one viable option: FeedaFever: it is the only other service… Continue Reading →

ownCloud 5 released: a vision realized, a vision expanded

Today we are deciding how the world will look like in the future. We, the IT community, set the course of the train that is called “open society” now and we can decide into which station the train will roll… Continue Reading →

Drie overgebleven dataweigeraars – Datadagboek #5

Amsterdam, 15 maart 2013 Verdrietig wellicht, ontgoocheld ook. Maar niet boos. Nooit boos. Je moet overtuigd zijn van kwade bedoelingen voordat je echt boos kan zijn. Zoals een wijs man ooit eens zei: wijt niet aan slechte intenties wat je… Continue Reading →

How Facebook could get you arrested

While Facebook might be more effective than police in predicting crime, it cannot be allowed to take on these policing functions without also adhering to the same rules and regulations that spell out what police can and cannot do in… Continue Reading →

The anti-preneur manifesto | Danielle Leduc

I don’t want to be a designer, a marketer, an illustrator, a brander, a social media consultant, a multi-platform guru, an interface wizard, a writer of copy, a technological assistant, an applicator, an aesthetic king, a notable user, a profit-maximizer,… Continue Reading →

Secure Email

Dataopslag bij de kleine zelfstandige – Datadagboek #4

Amsterdam, 1 maart 2013 “Als iemand z’n data opvraagt of verwijderd wil hebben, dan doe ik dat gelijk, maar het gebeurt eigenlijk nooit. Jij was de tweede in drie jaar tijd.” Wouter Durville is Dir./Eig. en heeft in z’n eentje… Continue Reading →

Stapels datapost – Datadagboek #3

Gisteren met Valentijnsdag kwam ik slechts met de grootste moeite bij de voordeur vanwege de stapels liefdesverklaringen en huwelijksaanzoeken die in Himalaya-eske bergen mij de toegang naar buiten versperden. De rest van het jaar moet ik het doen met blauwe… Continue Reading →

Fight for your digital rights

The Internet is what we make it, and is constantly being recreated by organizations, companies, and countries with specific interests and agendas. Either we fight for a seat at the table, or the future of the Internet becomes something that… Continue Reading →

The Brussels Privacy Declaration

Privacy is a fundamental human right, but today this right is widely ignored. We are outraged. We are outraged, because we, the citizens, are now kept in hundreds of databases, mostly without our knowledge or consent, over 1,200 companies specialise… Continue Reading →

Unlike us komt d’r aan!

Unlike Us #3 is een tweedaagse conferentie georganiseerd door het Instituut voor Netwerkcultuur van de Hogeschool van Amsterdam met workshops, een hackathon en een real life feest. Op 22 en 23 maart 2013 spreken internationale onderzoekers, programmeurs, ontwerpers en kunstenaars… Continue Reading →

Silent Circles latest app will be Open Source?

“Janke has also committed to making the source code of the new technology available publicly “as fast as we can,” which means its security can be independently audited by researchers.” From the article on Slate Magazine. —- UPDATE: See this… Continue Reading →

Fever, an alternative to G-reader?

Is Fever a hosted service? No, Fever is a PHP and MySQL application that you run on your own server. Fever has been designed with ease of maintenance in mind and can automatically update itself. From here: Feedafever

You are the product

15 brieven van PIM – Datadagboek #2

Amsterdam, 1 februari 2013 Flashback naar afgelopen maandag, het regent pijpenstelen. Ik stuur m’n auto de berm in om m’n telefoon op te kunnen nemen. Het is een medewerker van internetprovider Ze hebben een brief van me gekregen en… Continue Reading →

The Open Access Guerilla Cookbook

c0nt3nt/oagcookbook · GitHub. =============================== Dedicated to Aaron Swartz (1986-2013) Introduction —————- In 2008, a short and passionate appeal appeared online which called for all of us to, “take information, wherever it is stored, make our copies and share them with… Continue Reading →

Eerste data-dagboek-bijdrage voor Bits of Freedom

Amsterdam 18 januari 2013 Welkom bij het eerste artikel van mijn datablog. Het gaat over privacy, databases en heel veel postzegels. Op dit moment deel ik het kantoor van Bits of Freedom met meerdJere personen die actief door veiligheidsdiensten worden… Continue Reading →

Delivery for Mr. Assange

Brilliant peace of Media-art by Bitnik. They send a parcel by mail to Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. Inside the parcel were batteries, a phone with gps and internet and a camera tracking the entire route to… Continue Reading →

Bedrijven hebben lak aan wet bescherming persoonsgegevens

“Sedert de invoering van de Wet op de Bescherming van de Persoonsgegevens (WBP) in 2000 heeft iedere burger het recht te weten welke gegevens bedrijven en instellingen van hem bewaren. Dat is mooi, denk je dan, maar daarmee hebben we… Continue Reading →

Veilig mailen

Ik wil graag vaker veilig mailen met jullie allemaal. Hiervoor gebruik ik GPG. Lees hier hoe dat werkt: Mijn gpg-key kan je hier vinden: Tekst – Bestandje En je kan hier klikken als je m’n handtekening wil verifiëren Post… Continue Reading →

DuckDuckGo as standard search in Safari6.0

This is a great tip to get you on your way to make Duckduckgo your standard search engine! Why do you want to do this? Because you just very well might be a 34 old female with herpes. With the… Continue Reading →

Female, 34 with herpes needs duck

Stop tracking innocent woman with STD’s! (and everyone else) Don’t Track Us.

The plan

1. Find data 2. Control data 3. World domination

My 29C3 schedule

29c3 Favorit(s): EVENTS Opening Event (ID = 5399) Not my department (ID = 5385) Die Wahrheit, was wirklich passierte und was in der Zeitung stand (ID = 5181) Cyberpeace statt Cyberwar (ID = 5221) What accessibility has to do with… Continue Reading →

Spoken GPG-key

For the blind and the analphabatic, my public gpg-key in audio: spoken_public_key don’t ask why…

Beatriz Busaniche on WCIT


WordPress 3.5 is so yesterday ;-)

WordPress 3.5 is so yesterday ;-)

Rijksoverheid wil je hebben

Gemaakt met de hulp van de Protect my Privacy App

RFID tags: the mark of the beast

Revelation 13:16-18 says that followers of the Beast "receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads," which allows them to buy and sell goods. Certain biblical sects have taken this to mean RFID chips or identity cards.Other… Continue Reading →

How the ITU could put the Internet behind closed doors.


WordPress trojans

Wordpress uses a backdoor to control and track self-hosted websites with their Jetpack plugin is now on WP3.5 beta 3!

So you know what’s going on when we crash ;-) Nah, in reality beta releases of WordPress are pretty stable already. WordPress › WordPress 3.5 Beta 3.

The best cat is a cryptocat

Private Conversations for Everyone. Cryptocat is an instant messaging platform that lets you easily have private conversations with friends. Messages are encrypted before leaving your screen and are protected from being viewed by any third party, even from us. Cryptocat… Continue Reading →

2 billion connected, 1 billion on Facebook

There were 2.3 billion Internet users worldwide at the end of 2011, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs, Wu Hongbo, said in his address to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF), which opened in Baku, Azerbaijan. In addition, mobile… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Hyperboria

Our objective is to create a versatile, decentralized network built on secure protocols for routing traffic over private mesh or public internetworks independent of a central supporting infrastructure.

dudle – doodle of dudle? – Poll

dudle – doodle of dudle? – Poll.

Electing a President in a Microtargeted World

And how has the digital space changed what you do? It’s a really intriguing space for us, because we’ve spent so much time and effort trying to get information out of people, calling them, knocking on their doors, etc. And… Continue Reading →

DIY Drone starts itself

Ik ben voor DIY, maar dit moet wel tot mensen beperkt blijven. DIY voor drones is NOT GOOD! Air Force mechanics have reported mysterious incidents in which the airborne robots went haywire. In March 2011, a Predator parked at the… Continue Reading →

Gratis docu over je privacy

Panopticon – de docu over jouw privacy from PV producties on Vimeo.

The state of alternative social networks | Axel’s Blog

So what’s the state of social network alternatives … right now the situation is outright  depressing. has failed to become the new Twitter for years, despite a superior feature set and full Twitter integration. The next Facebook is not… Continue Reading →

Netizen Report: Malawi & Zambia Regulation Edition – Global Voices Advocacy

Users from China and Hong Kong have reported that the popular mobile phone message service WeChat, a product of the Chinese web service company Tencent, has censored [zh] sensitive keywords such as the name of recently ousted political leader “Bo… Continue Reading →

Mesh Network with Drones

Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone by Adapteva — Kickstarter

Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone by Adapteva — Kickstarter. Making parallel computing easy to use has been described as “a problem as hard as any that computer science has faced”. With such a big challenge ahead, we need to make… Continue Reading →

The End of Crypto

Save the world?

The crypto dream

We’re living in a world where it’s possible to visit Tokyo without ever leaving your bed, and where governments go to war with software rather than tanks. Yet in some ways the real future is more Stephen King than William… Continue Reading →

Amanda Todd’s mother responds to bullied teen’s video as suicide probe grows

Todd’s notes said the man ordered her to “put on a show for me,” or he would send around the webcam pictures. Todd said he knew her address, her school, her friends and her family.She said she was later alerted… Continue Reading →

A hippocratic Oath for Techies & Policymakers | Max Senges

PREAMBLE I recognize technology as a product of human effort, a product serving no other purpose than to benefit man in general, not merely some men; man in the totality of his humanity, encompassing all his manifold interests and needs,… Continue Reading → the new twitter? is a new distributed social network. A diaspora-ish idea, but more focused on simplicity and on the protocol then trying to be al full-featured app. Find me at

Christopher Steiner on algorithms

Christopher Steiner, author of Automate This: How Algorithms Came to Rule the World, discusses his new book. Steiner originally set about studying the prevalence of algorithms in Wall Street stock trading but soon found they were everywhere. Stock traders were… Continue Reading →

BitTorrent study finds most file-sharers are monitored

The study also revealed that so-called blocklists, used by some illegal file-sharers to prevent monitors from connecting to their computers, might not be much use. Read the article at its source

Fooling Facebook: Telling Lies To Protect Your Privacy

Sounds like a hopelessly naive idea to me… “With a nod toward Bayes theorem, Ludlow basically wants to confuse the advertisers trying to profile him and the algorithmic machines that are trying to make predictions about him by throwing lots… Continue Reading →

Owning it

In many ways, the whole ownership model just seems poorly suited to duplicable technology. Square peg, pentalobe hole. When we try to force new technology into the old model, our contracts end up sounding really, well, creepy. In fact, some… Continue Reading →

Grondig stukje tekst over de Piratebay, auteursrecht en de wet

Al sinds de pianola is er geen enkele innovatie in contentdistributie geweest die uit vrije wil enthousiast omarmd is door de industrie. Ja, DRM. Lees het hele artikel bij ICTRecht

Apple, meet GPG, GPG, meet Apple. | I Am Security

The guys at GPGTools are doing some fantastic work in bringing a comprehensive GPG implementation into Mac OS X, and Apple seem to not only ignore the need for such an important tool, but consistently screw things up with Mail… Continue Reading →

Hacken voor het vrije woord | Sargasso

Een groepje Nederlandse hackers helpt activisten en journalisten online aanvallen te weerstaan. Hacken voor het vrije woord | Sargasso.

Join DIASPORA* today

an invitation to join the open and cool network Diaspora: DIASPORA*.

Quote on Occupy – Found on a mailinglist

It looks like the Occupy thingie is on its way to be coopted, romanticized, historicized, adopted into folk and commercial art/culture, before it actually achieved anything. Can’t wait for the ‘addopt the occupier for $1/day’ NGO. It’s the perfect circle… Continue Reading →

Quick Guide to Email encryption

This chapter will introduce you to some basic concepts behind mail encryption. It is important to read to get some feeling of how mail encryption actually works and what its caveats and limitations are. PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is the… Continue Reading →

Apple’s Crystal Prison and the Future of Open Platforms

Apple’s recent products, especially their mobile iOS devices, are like beautiful crystal prisons, with a wide range of restrictions imposed by the OS, the hardware, and Apple’s contracts with carriers as well as contracts with developers. Only users who can… Continue Reading →

The nine-headed monster named ACTA

Both in substance and in process, ACTA embodies an outdated top-down, arbitrary approach to government that is out of step with modern notions of participatory democracy. If Europe rejects ACTA, will it actually go away?

Commotion: Let’s get Meshy!

WHAT’S COMMOTION Commotion, is an open source “device-as-infrastructure” communication platform that integrates users’ existing cell phones, Wi-Fi enabled computers, and other wireless-capable devices to create community- and metro-scale, peer-to-peer communications networks. HOW IT WORKS Commotion is organized and maintained by… Continue Reading →

OpenData brace yourself, Morozov is moving in!

Evgeny Morozov curbs Web enthusiasm His next book will include an attack on the “open data” movement. In one cautionary example, the Indian state of Karnataka put millions of property records online in the name of convenience and transparency. “The… Continue Reading →

Discussion with @ICTRecht and @photomatt on Privacy and Jetpack

I like how twitter enables you to communicate with people you would normally never have a conversation with. Here is a screenshot of a dialogue I had with @ICTRecht en @photomatt (Matt Mullenweg: the founder of WordPress) “@photomatt: WP 3.4… Continue Reading →

Piwik als alternatief voor Google Analytics

Ook Google Analytics valt onder de cookiewet. De cookies die deze websiteanalysetool zet, zijn immers niet puur en alleen bedoeld om de eindgebruiker een gepaste webpagina voor te schotelen. De webmaster kan extra informatie krijgen over bezoekers met deze cookies,… Continue Reading →

26/6 | Me, Myself and I //or// How to make your own new identity – 20:00 : Schijnheilig

An evening on identity, technology and crossing borders. Heath Bunting is presenting his Status Project: an experiment in creating real and new identity for yourself or anyone else. We will explore the technological challenges and social consequences of this endeavor…. Continue Reading →

Basic Internet Security – Download the book

The digital world is changing at a tremendous speed. New communication technologies open up new possibilities, but by using them you can also expose yourself, and others, to risks. Many people have trouble assessing these risks especially with regard to… Continue Reading →

Bunting on customer feedback

If goods and services are extended to people globally, we can expect feedback in return. If these goods and services are marketed by force, as for example in Iraq, then we can expect a violent customer returns. From the status… Continue Reading →

Heath Bunting on the hierarchy between the physical and the virtual

Before the Internet, you knew where your virtual body was – it was at the tax office or the police station, or at school. And if a revolution did take place you could go and burn those records, but now… Continue Reading →

Twitter embed testing in WordPress 3.4

As of version 3.4 WordPress supports the embedding of twitter messages. Although it they showcase it with https in the screenshot, it only works when omitting the s and only use http. Here is an example: Nice wake-up with news… Continue Reading →

My rant against the new Facebook plugin on

You’re serious?! You are using Open Source and free software only to hand over all of your data in the blink of an eye to Facebook?! Somehow people need to understand that the monolith of Facebook needs to be stopped;… Continue Reading →

DIY identities

The Status Project. Our identity is constructed as human beings, that can possess one or more natural persons straw men and control one or more artificial persons corporations. Lower class human beings possess one severely reduced natural person and no… Continue Reading →

Some fun security software from @moxie

Click this link

Password Meter

Test de sterkte van je wachtwoorden via Password Meter – A visual assessment of password strengths and weaknesses.

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